May 28

Our Learning This Week


This week, readers will be learning how to share books. When you have a book that you want other people to read, you don’t simply ‘dump’ it on them. You can create an atmosphere in which another person wants to read that book.  


We are having fun studying the English language. English is a language system governed by rules, and this concept aligns with our current unit of inquiry. Students will continue making these connections while learning, applying, and transferring their understanding about rules in the English language. Please discuss how the rules in the English language compare to the rules in your own language. 


Students will apply their knowledge of area and perimeter to create shapes with the same perimeter and different area or different perimeter and the same area. They will create a variety of models & support and communicate their reasoning in discussions.  

Unit of Inquiry:

Students are learning more about hierarchy and leadership. After looking at different systems that are broken around the school, students are now looking at ways the community could be supported and who could make the changes. 

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