August 27

This week in 3C


In reading, during the week we will be formally assessing all third graders’ reading skills. This will allow us to plan instruction to best support and challenge all readers. In the meantime, we will continue working on skills that readers practice when they are building a reading life. Please support your child at home by talking about your reading life and talking about books you and your child read at home. Having conversations about what we read and pausing as we read to do comprehension checks are the main goals this week.   


Students will be assessed in their spelling and writing skills this week. They are learning how to work through the writing process (prewrite, draft, revise, edit, publish) with an emphasis on revising and drafting.


Students will be introduced to multiplication with the concept of repeated addition. Students will also be introduced to division. They will see multiplication as a way to find the total and division as a way to find out how many groups or the size of each group.  

Unit of Inquiry:

We will begin our first unit of inquiry this week. The central idea is People can collaborate to organize society. The focus this week will be on rights and responsibilities. The theme we will explore is How We Organize Ourselves. 

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