September 3

This week in 3C


Writers will continue to move through the writing process within personal narratives.   They are planning their story by storytelling, choosing just right paper and beginning to draw and write their story from their life.  Mentor authors are helping to guide us as a writing community in the choices we make in our own writing. 


Students will continue to develop their understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in understanding multiplication.  In addition, we will begin to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  

Unit of Inquiry:

This week, students will look at what their responsibilities in our classroom community are and how those responsibilities support the organization of our classroom. They will explore designing their own school where they are the lead decision maker. Discussions of types of decisions that are made and how they affect our organization will be had as a class. 


This week, we will continue assessing using the DRA (developmental reading assessment) and students are working on routines with choosing just right books and spots that work for them. Some things they will focus on this week are retelling, partner reading and making predictions.

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