September 17

This week in 3C


No school on Wednesday because of parent teacher conference day. No school for students on Friday because it is a professional learning day for teachers. No school Monday for Mid Autumn Festival.

In reading workshop this week, readers tackled a very important word: GRIT. They learned that to have reading grit, they never give up when they come to a difficult word. We learned and implemented different reading strategies to figure out the difficult word including: chunking the word, thinking about the context, and trying out different sounds. 

Writers are continuing to write stories from their life with a focus on revising this week.  Students will be asked to reread their stories and notice ways in which they can make their writing stronger for their reader. 

As mathematicians we will be using the distributive property as a strategy to break down more challenging problems into smaller factors.  We will also model the relationship between multiplication and division.

By the end of the week third grade students will deepen their understanding of skip counting, distributive property, commutative property, arrays, number bonds, and tape diagrams.

This week students will explore different reading material that are about rights and responsibilities. They will also take action and organize a part of the classroom and reflect on their decision making process.



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