November 3

Upcoming Events

The 3C Geniuses have been hard at work these past few weeks and sharing a lot of learning on their seesaw accounts. If you don’t have access, please let me know so I can connect you! Also, please let me know if you still need access to RAZ kids.

Upcoming Events and Special Dates: (please see attached calendar and created calendars by students)

This Friday, November 5th is the last day of this round of ASAs as well as POPCORN Friday! 

On Wednesday, Nov. 7th we will have our class and Individual Photos. Children are to wear SIS Polo or PE shirt and grey or black bottoms. I would recommend wearing a polo because it’s not a PE day, but it’s up to you.

On Wednesday, November 14th parents are invited to level 5 for a climate fair put on by all 3rd grade students. The details will be announced soon, but this time is allotted for students to demonstrate their learning of our current unit of inquiry. Stay tuned for more details…


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