November 5

This week in 3C

Students will be preparing for the climate fair this week. They will be choosing from a menu of options how to demonstrate their learning from their current unit. Parents will be invited in to share in their learning next week on Wednesday. This week will consist of questioning, researching and creating something to share.

Writers will act as researchers this week by choosing a topic of interest from the UOI and using both books and online sources to gather information.  They will learn the importance of giving credit to their sources and putting information into their own words.  As writers of Nonfiction, that will also begin preparing to publish a book that they have written within the unit.  Writers will revise and edit to prepare their books to be shared with others next week.

Module 3 extends the study of factors to include all units from 0 to 10. This allows students to build fluency with facts involving a particular unit before moving on. We will begin by revisiting the commutative property. Students study familiar facts from Module 1 to identify known facts using units of 6, 7, 8, and 9. They realize that they already know more than half of their facts by recognizing, for example, that if they know 2 × 8, they also know 8 × 2 through commutativity. This begins a study of arithmetic patterns that becomes an increasingly prominent theme.


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