December 10

Secret Santa

As part of a holiday celebration, I’d love for 3C to have a simple gift exchange. If your child is interested, they can bring a wrapped gift that is suitable for anyone in the class (boy or girl). On Friday, if they have brought in a gift, they get to open a gift and take it home. You can send in one gift anytime this week and we will put it under the tree! I will mark who has brought one in over the week. If your child wants to participate but will not be here on Friday, please email me directly and we can work it out.

Secret Santa Rules:

– Please only one gift (100rmb or below)

– For either boy or a girl (ideas: art supplies, a book, clay, markers, small toy)

– Ask your child to keep it a secret

– Bring in gift anytime before Friday (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday is fine) We will wait until Friday to open the gifts and guess who it’s from!

– Label your gift (To: You From: Secret Santa) Don’t have your child put their name so we can guess.

This is not mandatory! Talk to your kids to see if they are interested and if they aren’t, it’s totally okay! It should be fun and help spread joy before the holiday!

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