March 11

3C Happenings

Reminder: Field trip on Wednesday. Please help your child pack a lunch, water bottle and snack in a light backpack. They can also bring bug spray (or you can help put it on in the morning) and a hat if it’s sunny.


Readers will work with their Literary Non Fiction book club teams to read about a topic of interest. After reading, readers will share facts about their topic and ask questions in order to have a deeper understanding of the topic. Finally, they will present what they’ve learned about the topic with the class.  

Writers are drafting and drawing within the writing process of their Literary Nonfiction books.  We have used mentor texts to guide our decisions in making a plan and choosing just right paper to create a book about topic we are passionate about. There has been high interest around this genre of combining fiction and nonfiction elements…ask your child about the decisions they have made as authors so far within their books.    

Mathematicians will continue to deepen their understanding that a fraction must be the same size but may not always have the same shape. Students will also demonstrated their knowledge of fractions including equivalent fractions by using number bonds, tape diagrams, a number line and physical models.

We continue to explore ways to take action for our current unit. Ask your child ways you can help at home and in your daily lives to support endangered animals. 

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