March 11

Taking Action

Dear Parents,

We have been hard at work on our “Saving the Planet” unit where kids have inquired into different endangered animals. Some groups have decided to raise money as part of action to helping save the planet. Other groups have decided on different actions, which is okay.

On Tuesday, March 19th from 8:00-8:30, some students will have a bake sale to raise money for the WWF (World Wide Fund) for endangered animals. We will also have a donation jar on this day for students/parents to donate to the animals.

We’d like to come together as a class on this day and bake as much as we can to sell at the sale! Please post below what you and your child will prepare for the bake sale. If your child has chosen a different action, you can choose to not send something to sell, or you can send in some baked goods that they will donate to the other groups to sell.

Here are a list of the kids that have chosen to do a bake sale for fundraising and the animal they are raising money for. But remember, your child doesn’t have to be on the list for you to bake something and send it in to sell. The money we raise will go to the endangered animals.

William, Jocelyn- Mountain Gorilla

Madeline, Andy, Thomas, Ann- Red Panda

Eden, Jamie- Whale Shark

Ian, Isabel- South China Tiger

Kailin, Diya- Sea Turtles

Jay, Chloe- Giant Pandas


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