April 14

This week in 3C

Readers will begin this week by categorizing the fairy tale stories that they are reading by identifying elements of a fairy tale (use of magic, types of characters, etc.). They will continue by studying the sequence that fairy tales often follow (opening > introduce the setting > introduce the characters > the problem > the solution > the ending > the lesson) and by then ‘mapping’ out the most important parts of the story.

As writers last week, we immersed ourselves in Fairy Tales, becoming more familiar with their commonalities.  As we move forward this week, we will choose a Fairy Tale to adapt, by putting our own creative spin on a story already familiar to us.  We will story tell and act out as we draft! 

This week, students will discover qualities of a scientist by doing two different simple investigations. Students will make observations and or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.  The investigations will include creating a paper/recyclable airplane and measuring how far it flies, and also having a balloon travel across the classroom using a straw and string. It should be a fun week. As your kids what the qualities of a scientist are! 

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