April 22

This week in 3C

This week we will take a look at balanced and unbalanced forces. Students will continue to explore using hands on activities where they are using the qualities of a scientist and engineer. Students will also dig a bit deeper using text to learn more about forces and motion. 

Mathematicians will learn that different shapes (e.g., squares, rectangles, and rhombuses) have shared attributes that can fall within a larger category (parallelograms, quadrilaterals, and trapezoids). The will also look for shared attributes and learn to recognize polygons with sides that are equal. Finally, mathematicians will draw quadrilaterals that do not fit any subcategories. 

This week, writers will plan and draft their own fractured fairy tales. Students will revise as they draft. We will focus on the usage of dialogue, descriptive language (verbs and adjectives), and language structures in compound and complex sentences. 

This week, readers will be continuing with reading fairy tales, focusing on the  traits of characters. They will learn that characters have internal traits and external features/characteristics. Readers will learn to use these traits by applying them to the heroes and villains in their own fairy tales. If you are supporting your child with this work at home, then this anchor chart contains the type of vocabulary that we will be using:  

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