May 7

This week in 3C

Readers will practice reading with voice, fluency and expression this week as we present our readers theater plays to an audience of peers. We had an amazing time writing our plays, practicing and creating our very creative costumes. Not only have we loved reading this week, but our reading voice is stronger than ever! 

As writers this week, students will begin moving from adapting a Fairy Tale to creating their own.  Writers will take into account all that they have learned as readers of the genre to form an idea and plan, to then begin drafting.  Watch for their published pieces on seesaw and listen to how they changed their voices to practice fluency. 

This is our final week with this current unit of forces and interactions around the world. Students will be asked to plan and do an investigation using the qualities of an engineer and scientist they learned about this unit. Students should demonstrate understanding of making a hypothesis, asking a question, working through the stages of the scientific process and an understanding of forces and interactions.  

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