Valentines and Stucco Spirit Day- Kindness

Small acts of Kindness and Love The Super Dogs chose to say ‘Thank you’ to all the people in our School that help them either directly or indirectly. They made heart cards and wanted to hand them personally to the various people they chose. It brought about smiles to many faces 🙂

How the World Works

Our camping trip!! During the day we gathered wood…. Then it was time to set up camp…..   We pitched our tents….. We needed a fire to keep us warm at night…..   We toasted marshmallows and made cookie sandwiches…. They were soo yummy 🙂 We ended the night by relaxing and telling stories around … [Read more…]

Chocolate painting

We tried something different….SURPRISE!!!… Painting with edible materials. We used pretzels and caramel and chocolate sauce. It was so much fun!! Cleaning up was yummy….hahaha


We learned about patterns this week. We practiced boy and girl patterns, number and color patterns. Then we did a cool experiment with skittles 🙂 “The candy makes a rainbow pattern Ms Sophia!”