new math game

The children enjoyed playing a new math game today. The air was full of squeals and exciting laughter. It’s called, ‘Concentration’. You will get a chance to play it on Thursday if you can come to ‘Learning Comes Alive’. Here are some photos.

We are learning where in the world we come from. This concept is a bit tricky for a Kindergartener because of the hugeness of the world. But lucky for our Kindergarteners, they have traveled around the world and they have an idea how big our world is.

The children have been sharing their artifacts with us. We now have an ‘Artifact Museum’ that contains all the artifacts the children have brought in. They will begin to write about their artifacts soon. They will also soon learn what makes good interview questions and then practice on you, their parents, to find out more about the past and present.

The children learned a new game called, Blast Off. It teaches the children the concept of ‘more than’.

We are also using number bonds and number sentences to break numbers apart into two groups.

Information about lunch time

Dear Parents,

We are experiencing serious congestion outside the cafeteria and this is creating problems for our students and staff to access the cafeteria.  Not only is this a safety concern, but we are also seeing students becoming upset and/or reliant on their parent or AYI to help them with their lunch.

Please be reminded that parents and Ayi’s should not be waiting outside the school cafeteria with lunch for their child at lunchtime.  Your co-operation is most important.

We continue to work on developing a sense of independence with our students and therefore students should bring lunch with them to school in the morning.

If a student should forget to bring a lunch we can arrange the purchasing of lunch through our caterer, Nom Nom.  If parents want to provide warm food, from home, then the lunch box should be delivered to the Mountainside or Parkside office before your child’s lunchtime.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Mr. Kanabar

A few reminders and updates

Thanks to all the children who have brought in their artifacts. Please help your child to remember to bring them in by Monday if they have not. Please make sure your child understands why the artifacts are important to your family so they can tell us in class.

Please remember that school starts at 8:00. Children should be here by 7:55 so they are ready for class at 8:00. I know circumstances come up and your child is late. If so, please let me know why. Your child should not be late for school more than 2 or 3 times a month. The first 15 minutes of school is when the children are practicing their reading both independently and with a partner. It is a very important time of the day. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

We are learning about solid (3D) shapes in Math. Cylinders, cones, spheres and cubes are the four solid shapes we  are focusing on. We are using words to describe the attributes of these solid shapes…vertices (corners), edges, points, flat and curved faces. We are sorting them according to some of these attributes.

In writing, we are learning how to make our pictures more interesting by adding speech bubbles, lines to show that something is moving, and by highlighting what is important in the picture.

In the next few days, a sheet of words will come home with your child that we have used in class. These are the words we are using the most. It might be fun to play a game using these words to help your child recognize these words or to help your child spell these words. Any game can be adapted to use these words. For example, when playing a board game, each person has to say or spell the word before having a turn.

Enjoy the weekend.




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Welcome to Seesaw. Your child and I are going to use this blog to share and communicate their learning activities with you. Seesaw is private; you’ll only see posts created for your child.

Please Sign Up Now
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Sharlene Cormack

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