Kindergarten pool party tomorrow

We appreciate your support in our Potluck Lunch, KG Parents!

However, we still have many slots still open. If you haven’t signed up, please do so at Thank you in advance for your help in making our celebration a success!

Thank you!

The KG Team

End of year party

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

     The end of the year is coming soon! We are excited to have a party to celebrate our learning, our friends and to just have some fun! This party is for our kindergarten students only.
     Children need to bring their swimming clothes in a separate bag, just as they did for swimming class.Water shoes or sandals are also encouraged on this day. We will have a picnic-style lunch after the party, so your child should bring a large towel to sit on. Please label your child’s name on everything.
     We are asking parents to donate food for our potluck lunch. Your food dish should be enough for about 8-10 students. You can send the food in the morning with your child, or bring it to the secret garden between 11:30-11:45. Please sign up here for the potluck lunch:
Kind regards,
The Kindergarten Team

The Egg

Yesterday, the children watched an egg break when dropped from the top of the stairs. This started their final design challenge. “What can you design to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped?”

The children are using their scientific and engineering skills to solve this problem. They are working in small groups and following the ‘Design’ steps (Think, make a plan, make the design, improve it, share it-in this case, try it). Communication, collaboration and cooperation skills are also being emphasized.

First, the children thought about different ways to protect the egg. Some of their ideas were:

A water bottle

Metal/plastic ball with soft stuff inside

Box inside a box


Tissue inside a container

Cover it with paper

Cover it with bread


Next, they made a plan and included the tools they would need to make the design.

After that, they started to make their design.

Next, we will be trying out their engineering skills to see if their egg remains in tact when dropped. How exciting.

Thank you parents

It’s that time of year when we want to acknowledge how much work as parents you do for us. To show our appreciation you are invited to a parent appreciation breakfast. Please open the link below and sign up if you have been part of any parent volunteer activities at SIS this year (PSA, our morning reading time, field trips etc).

Thank you so much,