On Friday, the Elementary school has a Spirit Day and the theme is twin/triplet day. However, because we had already planned a pajama day to go along with our Assembly story, it will be difficult for us to do a twin/triplet day. So, we will wear our pajamas instead… unless your child has matching pajamas with someone else!

On Wednesday, we will visit the SIS Book Fair. The children will then make a wish list for books they want to buy. On Thursday, when you are at school for your conference, you can go to the Book Fair and decide which books you will buy from your child’s wish list. The Book Fair will be at the Gecko Theater at Parkside.

See you on Friday for our Kindergarten Assembly in the SPAH and our Author Celebration in the classroom afterwards. If anyone wants to supply a little treat like popcorn for the new authors, let me know.


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