Dear Parents,

Today is your child’s first day of reading homework. Each day, Monday through Thursday, your child will bring home a book to read to you. Your child has practiced these books at school, so they should be able to read it independently. Remember, reading includes a variety of factors…

  1. One to one correspondence: point to each word that is spoken
  2. Fluency: read at a nice, even pace, paying attention to punctuation marks.
  3. Comprehension: remember and discuss what was read.
  4. Expression: changing the tone of one’s voice to make the text sound more interesting when read aloud.

Here are some guidelines you can use when your child is reading…


  • hold the book
  • turn the pages
  • point to the words
  • care for the book
  • put the book back in their take-home bag when finished


  • listen to your child read
  • ask questions about the book
  • be encouraging
  • give your child time to think about and correct their own errors before helping them

Child and parent together:

  • sit together in a reading friendly location
  • have a conversation about the book
  • enjoy your time together

Thank you for supporting our Kindergarten literacy program. If you have any questions, please ask.


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