Learning how to care for our earth

We are learning how to care for our earth. We first discussed what the earth was and decided it includes things like plants, trees, flowers, grass, animals (including us), water, clouds, sky, and land. Then we talked about how to take care of our earth so it won’t ‘break’. The children suggested we shouldn’t throw our garbage on the ground. They said it would start to smell and not look nice. Then one child said, ‘My dad said it’s OK to throw an apple on the ground because it will disappear.’ So we did an experiment to answer the question, “Will food will disappear if we put it in the ground?” We used a red pepper. I suggested we also put some plastic in the ground to see if it will disappear. We are going to wait until ‘all of October is over’ to discover the answer. Later, during snack time, the children wanted to put some things from their snack in the ground to see if they will disappear too. So, we will be looking for lots of things.








We have also touched on recycling, where paper comes from and where our garbage goes once it is in the garbage can. These will be future topics of conversations and research.

To help children understand what might happen if we don’t care for our earth, I have been asking them some ‘What if…’ questions. For example, “What would it be like if all the trees were gone?” We went outside and sat under this beautiful tree to think about this ‘what if…’

Here are their responses:
The ground might break apart.

There would be no more trees.

There would be no nest for baby birds.

The birds couldn’t live in the trees.

The birds couldn’t eat the bugs in the trees.

Monkeys couldn’t climb the trees.

Bananas couldn’t grow to feed the monkeys.

The monkeys would die.

Our air would disappear.

There would be no shade for us from the sun.

We’d get wet when it rained because they’re like an umbrella.

We wouldn’t have any fruit.

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