A few reminders and updates

Thanks to all the children who have brought in their artifacts. Please help your child to remember to bring them in by Monday if they have not. Please make sure your child understands why the artifacts are important to your family so they can tell us in class.

Please remember that school starts at 8:00. Children should be here by 7:55 so they are ready for class at 8:00. I know circumstances come up and your child is late. If so, please let me know why. Your child should not be late for school more than 2 or 3 times a month. The first 15 minutes of school is when the children are practicing their reading both independently and with a partner. It is a very important time of the day. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

We are learning about solid (3D) shapes in Math. Cylinders, cones, spheres and cubes are the four solid shapes we ¬†are focusing on. We are using words to describe the attributes of these solid shapes…vertices (corners), edges, points, flat and curved faces. We are sorting them according to some of these attributes.

In writing, we are learning how to make our pictures more interesting by adding speech bubbles, lines to show that something is moving, and by highlighting what is important in the picture.

In the next few days, a sheet of words will come home with your child that we have used in class. These are the words we are using the most. It might be fun to play a game using these words to help your child recognize these words or to help your child spell these words. Any game can be adapted to use these words. For example, when playing a board game, each person has to say or spell the word before having a turn.

Enjoy the weekend.




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