Writers, writers, writers!

In the next few days, your child will bring home a red folder with their published stories inside. Take some time to have your child read them to you. Please note that the children wrote some of these stories a while ago so they may not be able to remember all the words they wrote.

We are now starting a new unit of writing called, ‘How To…’ writing. The children will switch from writing stories about themselves to writing books to teach. Today, I demonstrated how to write a ‘How To…’ book. First, I showed them how to make a cinnamon and sugar sandwich that my mom used to make when I was little. Then I showed them the ‘How To…’ book I wrote to teach others how to make my sandwich. After that,  the children made and ate the sandwich following the directions in my book. Finally, the children began writing their own ‘How To…’ book. While writing their book, the children will use the following chart to help the readers understand the step by step process in their ‘How To…’ book.

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