How our world works

Our world is a fascinating place especially for youngsters. Our next unit of inquiry allows the children to wonder and think like scientists… to discover how things work in our world.

This week the children will use the scientific process to problem solve how to make something work, test their hypothesis, and make a generalized statement about the process. While going through this process, the children’s curiosity should be sparked and they should begin to ask ‘why’ questions and try to figure out how something works. Many of these experiments will show the children how different factors influence the motion of objects.

Today, I posed the question, “How can you make a sphere roll down a meter stick without falling off?”

Some of their initial responses were:

Put the ball on and let it roll down by itself.

Use your eyes to look.

Put the stick on your head.

Don’t push the ball.

The stick has to be straight.

Don’t twist your hand when you let go of the ball.

The children then worked in groups of 3 or 4. A big part of this process was to work collaboratively and communicate your ideas with your group.

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