How our world works

Today we tried a new provocation…How many ways can you make a coin stay on top of the water (not sink)? The foremost objective was to problem solve together in small groups using cooperation, collaboration and communication.

In small groups, the children came up with ideas to try. Initially, most groups tried to set the coin on top of the water. Of course, it sank. So then they tried using objects from around the room to help their coin stay afloat…paper, wood, plastic. To their amazement, many of their ideas worked.

Here are some of their ideas.┬áPut the coin…

on top of a floating piece of wood.

inside a piece of paper and scrunch or fold it up.

on top of a flat piece of paper.

in a hollow plastic cube.

I would like to put some video on Seesaw but my account seems to be frozen at the moment. So I will add some video to WeChat.

Today, I started reading a Roald Dahl book to the children. It is a book that will require multiple reads so the children will need to remember what happens each time we go back to it. We decided it is a storybook but ‘pretend’ because people don’t have magic fingers. See if your child can tell you what has happened so far.

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