How our world works

Lately, the children have been using words like investigate, gravity, discover, push, pull, fast and slow. These words are used to describe some of the activities we are doing. For example, the children were challenged with the question “Why do things fall?” We jumped up in the air and tried to stay up and not come down. We couldn’t. We also went outside to find things that have fallen on the ground.


We experimented with different objects like paper, feathers, marbles and sticks to see what happens when they fall. After a while, children noticed that some fell fast and some fell slow.


Now we had two questions for investigate. ‘Why do things fall?’ and ‘Why do things fall fast or slow?’ After brainstorming and investigating, the children thought it had something to do with the weight, size or look of the objects. Then they thought something was pulling or pushing the objects to the ground. Then the word gravity was discussed.  



Finally, we chose an object from the room that couldn’t move by itself and found something that could make it move. Children used things with wheels to move their object, they pushed it with another object, used magnets and blew it.

Moving a block with a vehicle

Moving a cylinder by pushing other objects into it.

We also watched a video to help explain gravity. It was about a man called Isaac Newton. He was a scientist who helped explain why things fall. We discussed what a scientist is and what they do. Here are some of their ideas.


help the earth

study food to keep us healthy

cut trees

study the earth

make machines to help clean up garbage

help take care of animals

study live things

study not alive things

solve problems

do experiments

help people not be sick

keep our air clean



ask questions

draw and write


keep trying

have fun

Next we are going to investigate why things move (motion) and why things stop moving.

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