The Egg

Yesterday, the children watched an egg break when dropped from the top of the stairs. This started their final design challenge. “What can you design to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped?”

The children are using their scientific and engineering skills to solve this problem. They are working in small groups and following the ‘Design’ steps (Think, make a plan, make the design, improve it, share it-in this case, try it). Communication, collaboration and cooperation skills are also being emphasized.

First, the children thought about different ways to protect the egg. Some of their ideas were:

A water bottle

Metal/plastic ball with soft stuff inside

Box inside a box


Tissue inside a container

Cover it with paper

Cover it with bread


Next, they made a plan and included the tools they would need to make the design.

After that, they started to make their design.

Next, we will be trying out their engineering skills to see if their egg remains in tact when dropped. How exciting.

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