A lovely first day

Wow! What a wonderful group of children I get to be with all day. We started by have some exploring time in the classroom. I also set up a play doh making area and many of the children enjoyed making play doh. We used a recipe and talked about how important it is to know how to read so we can make the play doh.

We also shared our first snack together.

I read one of my favorite stories to them called, ‘The Kissing Hand’. It’s about a little raccoon who is scared to go to school. His mom gives him a special kiss to help him feel better while he’s at school. Ask your child to tell you about it. I will send the book home in a few days, once I’ve read it to the children a few more times.

The children helped me put up our alphabet letters in the correct order. Silly me! I had a few of them mixed up. Good thing they were here to help me.

Please remember to have your child bring the yellow take home bag back to school each day. Please remember to send the “Getting to Know You” form back to school tomorrow if you haven’t already, along with the insurance information sheet sent home today.

I can’t wait to spend more time with your children tomorrow!

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