Reading and Writing and Math… Oh my!

We are busy learning to put our thoughts on paper to make a story. First, we think about what we want our story to be about. Next, we sketch (draw with no coloring) our idea. Then, we label our drawing. Finally, we add detail (coloring). It is important to make the pictures we draw match the story in our mind. For example, Miss Karen showed us her drawing and then told us her story. It was about her dog running away when she and her son were talking him for a walk. The children noticed she drew the dog and herself but not her son. So, Miss Karen added her son to her drawing to make sure the story in her mind matched her drawing. Good thing the children noticed and were able to help Miss Karen.

When we label our pictures, it gives more detail to the reader. For example, Miss Karen then wrote ‘dog’, ‘my son’ and ‘me’. Even though the children may have difficulty writing the words, I am encouraging them to listen for any letter sounds they hear and write them down. They may write ‘s’ for ‘house’ and that’s fine.  Building confidence in writing is our goal right now.

We are reading and rereading some of our favorite stories. ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ is one of our favorites. Below, the children are studying the pictures with a partner to retell the story in their own words. They are also looking for the words ‘Trip, trap’ that are repeated throughout the book. Just like writing, the children are building confidence in reading by retelling a story using picture clues. Retelling a story in your own words is a very important skill for beginning readers. I encourage you to listen to your child retell some of their favorite stories to you by studying the pictures and possibly finding special words that are obvious in the book.

In math, we are focusing on numbers. We played a game that involved putting candles on a birthday cake. It is a simple game that teaches addition and subraction. See if your child can teach it to you. You need something to write on that can be erased and a dice.

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