Letter formation

The children are improving their handwriting skills. Because upper case letters are only used for names and at the beginning of sentences, we are focusing on the more frequently used lowercase letters. When forming the lowercase letters of the alphabet, the children are using words like tall sticks, shorts sticks, hanging sticks, cups, tunnels, zigzags, bars, hooks and curves.

For example, the letter < n > is a short stick, tunnel; the letter < p > is a hanging stick, curve; the letter       < z > is a bar, zigzag, bar. The children  write the letters inside two lines. The only part of the letter that should be outside these two lines are letters with tall sticks and hanging sticks. The children are reminded to start each letter from the top. The only two exceptions to this rule are letters < d > and < e >. The children are also reminded to keep their pencil on the paper until they have completed the letter formation. Sometimes that means going back up part of the letter. The exceptions to this rule are letters  < f >, < k >,  < t >, < x >.

I am also encouraging the children to use an acceptable pencil grip when writing.

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