Pumpkin time

Today we cut open our 2 pumpkins to see what was inside. Some children were hoping for candy but sadly, no. Others thought there might be seeds inside. Sure enough. There were lots of seeds. We pulled them out and put them in a bowl. After washing them, we counted them in groups of 10. We ended up with 24 groups of 10. That’s a lot of seeds from one pumpkin. We tried to imagine if each seed made 1 pumpkin, how many seeds 240 pumpkins could produce. Too much math for us I think. 

We then tried a little piece of raw pumpkin to see what it tasted like. We decided it was pretty good. But we thought it might taste even better cooked.

To prepare pumpkin for cooking , we added some oil before putting it in the oven.

And then… we got to eat it. YUM!!! Some liked the taste of the orange pumpkin better and some liked the taste of the green pumpkin better. But mostly, we liked both.

We didn’t have time to cook the seeds so I told them I would cook them at home and bring them on Monday. All 240 of them!

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