We are becoming inquirers. We are going to learn that inquirers are thinkers, risk takers, explorers, solve problems, investigate and discover. Today, some children chose to inquire outside. At first, they were walking up the hill behind the library, sliding down the hill and picking up sticks. After a while, they began to find things that aren’t normally found  in the ground-things like plastic, parts of ceramic dishes, snails, and cement. We started a collection with them and wondered if they should be in our ground or how they got there. We talked about how cement is made, why snails would be so far away from water, how ceramic dishes are made and if plastic was good for the environment. These children shared their findings with everyone. As some follow up, we may try making some ceramic dishes with clay, learn why plastic is not good for the environment, and do some reading on snails. I think there may be a few more children interested to join our inquiry group tomorrow.

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