Making inquiry real

Last week, one of the children asked to use the doctor supplies and I had to tell her we didn’t have any. After discussing what we could do, we decided to make some of the supplies that doctors use. Other children soon found out what we were doing and became involved. We started to have all sorts of doctor supplies being made: medicine – complete with homemade bottles to put it in, stethoscopes, crutches, bandaids, X ray machines and a measuring chart. They also realized they needed someone to organize the patient appointments (a word they were familiar with because of our appointment time) and they needed a doctor and nurse.¬†

Measuring the patient
Making the  supplies

Making the medicine and a container to keep it in
Crutches for a ‘broken leg’


Soon signs were being made to put on the door to say, ‘Doctor Office’ and ‘on/off’ (open/closed).¬†

Even the stuffed animals were taking part.

At the same time other children were inquiring about nature. Finding bugs, learning about gravity (trying to climb up the slippery hill) and collecting interesting items for our collection.

The potential patients

The collection

Suddenly, the two worlds collided. Someone got hurt outside and was told to go to the doctor’s office. The classroom was suddenly converted to a real doctor’s office. After that, it was amazing how many children ‘got hurt’ and needed to visit the doctor’s office…
…even Miss Karen!

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