International Bazaar information

Dear Kindergarten Parents, 
The International Bazaaar is approaching and we are excited to share the cultures, traditions, and holidays from our homes. We are entering the season of holiday traditions for many families at SIS.  This is the perfect opportunity to participate as Global Citizens by celebrating each other’s different customs and family traditions. 
The kindergarten teachers would like to invite parents and/or parent teams to teach either a cultural aspect, activity, or holiday tradition from your home country. Some examples of holidays celebrated from previous years are: Hanukkah, Saint Lucia Ceremony (Sweden), La Befana (Italy), Weihnachten (Germany), Chuseok (Korea), Chinese New Year (China).
Who: Kindergarten Parents/Parent Teams 
What: Teach a cultural, traditional activity, or holiday. Please prepare a short hands-on activity for all four KG classes (about 30 min per class).
Where: Kindergarten Classrooms
When: November 19 – November 22 from 8:00 – 10:55
How: Follow the Sign-Up link. On the “My Comment” box, please include the name of the holiday tradition you would like to share. If you need supplies, please email Mrs. Erlendson at with specific details about what you need at least 2 days before your scheduled time, if possible.
Volunteers will be grouped by country and asked to collaborate on an idea. If you are interested, please sign up. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher. You can start collaborating with your country group as soon as you sign up. The Kindergarten teachers will contact you and provide more information regarding specific dates and times.
Kind Regards,
The Kindergarten Teachers

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