Learning our ‘snap’ words

The children are learning some common words we call ‘snap’ words. They are the words that are being placed above our alphabet letters in our classroom. We are slowly adding ‘snap’ words above our alphabet letters as we discover them, use them, and learn to read and write them. We call them ‘snap’ words because we want to be able to read and write them without having to sound them out or think about it.

Occasionally, your child will bring home a slip of paper we have used with the ‘snap’ words on it. Feel free to help your child learn them. We have all year to learn them so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away.

Here are the words we are working on so far: (the line in front of some of the ‘snap’ words means that we can add a letter or letters to the beginning of the word to make new words.We are also learning that some of them rhyme (have the same sounds at the end), some of them have the same sound at the beginning (be, by), and some of them have 2 letters to represent one sound (she, the).

Here are some fun ideas to help your child learn these words (or other words they may want to learn if they already know these words).

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