A summary of our inquiry time

Building a sense of community is one of Kindergarten’s central ideas. Helping others in the doctor’s office is a positive way to do this. Most days, our doctor’s office opens at 9:30. Come by and be a patient around 9:30 if you are free.If one looks closely while the children are busy in the doctor’s office, you can see writing happening…when appointments are being made, when rooms are assigned to the patients and when medication is being prescribed.

Clay: While digging outside in the dirt a couple of weeks ago, bits of ceramic tiles were discovered. This lead to an interest in clay which was then ordered on Taobao. Once it arrived, the clay was used to make clay pots for our plants. Next week, we will paint our clay pots.

Planting: A few weeks ago, we planted the pumpkin seeds in our cups. After a few days they started to grow.

Then we planted some more in a big planter. After a few days…

and after a few more days…

Then they discovered some seeds hanging on the trees. These were collected and planted in a third planter.

It was also fun playing in the mud that was in the third planter!

Now we are busy planting many kinds of seeds.

Inquiring outside can get messy so it’s important to clean up too.

We also grew some seeds without dirt so we could observe what happens under the dirt.

Meanwhile inside… one of the girls found a book on how to make a rabbit. So they started making rabbits with paper by following the directions in the book.

Ballet shoes were also being designed with paper. By glueing the paper to the bottom of their socks, the shoes stayed on!

While some children were creating with paper, these 2 boys invented a watch to time their friends every minute that they were working (complete with a Nepalese dot on their forehead and saying ‘Namaste’).

Some of the children discovered that hitting objects with sticks creates different sounds. Watering cans and stools were 2 of the objects used. Sliding a stick along the bench also created a xylophone sound.

That prompted children to create musical instruments. Cardboard was used to create drums, a guitar, a piano and a microphone. After the instruments were made, we were treated to a musical performance.

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