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For our Informational writing unit, the children are learning to write ‘How To…’ books. As a fun activity, I made my own ‘How to…’ book called, “How to Make Jello.” I read it to the children before the holiday and told them we would make jello after the holiday. When I read my book to them, I talked about ‘time’ words like first, after that, then, next, and finally.

Monday morning, the children helped make the jello by using the instructions in my book. First, we added hot water to the jello. Then we added cold water. After that, we put the jello in the fridge and waited 4 hours. We were excited to eat it in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the fridge was broken and the jello did not set. So, after moving the jello to a new fridge and waiting patiently until yesterday, the children were finally able to eat the jello.

Now the children are busy writing their own ‘How to Make Jello’ book. After they are finished this book, they can choose something they know how to do and make another ‘How to…’ book to teach others about their area of expertise.

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  1. This is GREAT! My little one has been telling me about it. She is very excited about Jello-making and the “how-to” book. Love the pics too!

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