Where We Are in Place and Time

In our Unit of Inquiry called, “Where We Are in Place and Time”, we have been asking questions about the past using artifacts. “Why is it important to know about the past?” “Why do we keep things from the past?” “How do we know this artifact is from the past?” Here are some of our thoughts about these questions:

When you grow up, you might want to teach others about the past.

Children don’t know about things.

If you find something from the past, you’ll know how to use it.

So we can find out how things work.

To make things better.

It is interesting.

To learn.

So we have stories from the past.

It is old.

The students will now learn what it means to be a researcher and research a topic of their interest from the past. They will ask questions about their topic to find out more about it. Some of our interests are pyramids, transportation, machines, dinosaurs and  famous people.

After doing some research and learning more about a topic from the past, the students will make an informational book to teach others what they have learned.

Below: looking through informational books for topic ideas to learn about

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