Research topics

We have been learning and researching about different events/extinct animals/people/inventions/ structures from the past. We are going to use some of this information to now write an information book on a topic of our choice. The students will come up with 4 questions they want to answer in their information book. Below is a list of the topics the children have chosen. Feel free to do some more research at home with them about their topic.

Great Wall of China: Alex, Alina, Gerard, Isabella, Lucy, Nathan, Theo, Vivian,  Rebecca

Beginning of  airplane flying: Christian, Richard

Origin of marbles: Coco

Discovery of dinosaurs: Han Han, Bobo, Basia, Anna, Aimee, Patricia

Astronauts on the moon: Victor, Spencer

Princesses of a long time ago: Yuhan

Old castles: Zoe









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