Quietly and Silently

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, quietly is defined as 1. without making much noise: 2. in a way that is not obvious to other people because you do not say much. Silently is defined as 1. without speaking, or only in the mind: 2. without any sound.

As the year progresses, students become more comfortable with each other and in the classroom. As a  result, they become more confident speaking in front of each other, speaking with me, and speaking more often. While this is great, it can sometimes pose a problem during teaching and learning times. So, I have introduced these 2 words that will help students better focus during their learning times. Sometimes, we do a few minutes of silent, independent work and sometimes we do a few minutes of quiet, independent work. Of course, we also have a lot of time where it is less quiet and silent… and that’s OK too.


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