a busy week

Our door decoration for Book Week ended up being a giant cookie. We were inspired by one of our favourite books called, ‘Mmmm Cookies’ by Robert Munsch. It’s about a boy who makes play clay cookies and tricks his mom and dad into taking a bite. We had fun making it using clay, toys and shaving cream.Making ‘raisins’ for the door cookie

Writing the name of the book, the author and illustrator

Putting the ‘dough’ on the paper

Sprinkling it with sugar

The finished product

After using shaving cream on the cookie, we had fun playing with some too.

We were also on a mission to collect 100 points. A point was given if everyone was ‘silent’ after I gave them one of our hints.

After reaching our goal, we thought it would be fun to make cookies but not the kind in the book…we would make real cookies. We read a recipe and followed the instructions.Mixing the dough

On the same day we collected our 100 points, we also found our 100th compound word. The words took up so much room, we had to use some of our Inquiry space.

It was a topsy turvy week (ask your child what that means). And that’s not even highlighting the Book Week activities! Have a great holiday.

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