Think like a scientist

Our earth has finite resources that we share with other living things. All living things have an impact on those resources in different ways. As humans, we have a responsibility to help protect those resources for future generations. The students are learning about their role in the world and how to take care of it.

To help the students understand our impact on the world, they are being scientists. We are using skills like inquiring, observing, discovering, reflecting, andproblem solving to understand how scientists think.

We will be thinking about questions like:

What is living and what is not living?

What do living things need to survive?

What happens if living things do not get what they need to survive?

What should we do to care for the earth?

Before the students dive into these questions, however, they have been doing some fun challenges to help them think like a scientist. The first challenge was to roll a ball down a meter stick without it falling off. The second challenge was to have the ball stop on the paper. Here are some photos of the student’s inquiry time and their thinking process.

Trying to get the ball to roll down the stick…

Adding props to help…

Using a curved piece of plastic to keep the ball from falling off while trying to make the ball land on the paper…

The students are collaborating and communicating to solve these problems just like real scientists do.

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