Our last topic for writing is ‘Opinion writing‘. The students will be learning to give their opinion and then state why they think that. We will start simple. “I like… (ice cream) because… (it is sweet).” We will then move to more persuasive opinion writing to tie it into our unit (Sharing the Planet). The student will learn to give their opinion with a valid argument. We shouldn’t… (cut down all the trees). If… (all the trees are cut down) then… (we will have no more paper).”

We have been having some very important discussions in our Sharing the Planet Unit.

What would happen if there was no more sun?

What animals are endangered and why?

Why do we need bees and sea otters?

What does an environment need to survive?

What do we need to survive?

What can we do to help take care of our environment?


Next, the students are going to create an environment similar to the one we live in. We will use materials from our natural surroundings and from around the room to form the trees, animals, etc. needed for a sustainable environment. The students will work in small groups and will need to state their opinions to let others know why they think certain living and/or non things should be allowed in their environment. We will start with an environment without people. The next step will be to see how people can enter our environment without disturbing the natural surroundings.





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