Egg drop

Today, the children had some fun trying to protect an egg from breaking while dropping it. This was a design challenge.

The children used their scientific and engineering skills to solve this problem. They worked individually or with a partner and followed these steps: think, make a plan, make the design, improve it, and try it.

First, the children thought about different ways to protect the egg. Some of their ideas were:

Put it in a water bottle

Fill a bottle with water and put the egg inside

Put a  box inside a box

Put tissue inside a container

Cover it with clay

After making their design an putting the egg inside (the egg was also inside a ziploc bag to minimize the mess), they tried it out at various levels. They started by holding it above their heads and dropping it. If it did not drop they went to the next level- the first level stairs. If it broke, they needed to improve their design and try again. IF their egg didn’t break, they went to the next level, and so on. We went as far as the third level stairs and, after some redesigning, many of the eggs did not break!  Make sure you ask your child what happened. Here are three videos to show levels. I will try to put more videos on your child’s Seesaw account.




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