Guest readers next week

To support Book Week, we would love to have some guest readers come into our class. Do you have a favorite children’s book you love to read to your child or children? Do you think it would be a good book to share with us? If so, please let me know. It can be in any language. Let me know what day and time you are available (Monday-Thursday mornings 8:15-8:30, 9:45-10:00, 11:30-11:45, 12:45-1:00). Thanks

Writers, writers, writers!

In the next few days, your child will bring home a red folder with their published stories inside. Take some time to have your child read them to you. Please note that the children wrote some of these stories a while ago so they may not be able to remember all the words they wrote.

We are now starting a new unit of writing called, ‘How To…’ writing. The children will switch from writing stories about themselves to writing books to teach. Today, I demonstrated how to write a ‘How To…’ book. First, I showed them how to make a cinnamon and sugar sandwich that my mom used to make when I was little. Then I showed them the ‘How To…’ book I wrote to teach others how to make my sandwich. After that,  the children made and ate the sandwich following the directions in my book. Finally, the children began writing their own ‘How To…’ book. While writing their book, the children will use the following chart to help the readers understand the step by step process in their ‘How To…’ book.

Welcome back and welcome Wyatt

Happy New Year to all!

We have a new student who has joined us today. His name is Wyatt. The children are excited to meet him and have a new friend. Having a new student in our class gives the children a chance to help someone who doesn’t know our rules and routines. It also gives them a chance to think about what it is like to be in a new place where they don’t know anyone. Welcome Wyatt.


This week, SIS is promoting kindness. For KD, the children are focusing on being kind, being nice, and helping one another while at school both today and tomorrow. If they do 5 kind deeds today and/or tomorrow at school, they will receive a special treat on Wednesday. The children just have to tell about their kind act to Miss Karen or myself. So far, the children are doing a great job promoting kindness.

100 days of school

We made 100 day crowns. We put 10 sets of 10 things on 10 strips of paper.


We also counted out 100 steps to see how far we would go. Some guessed we would get to Russia or Korea. Others guessed to the playground. In the end, we got to the tree by the Chinese building doors. Because we were on our way to the class photo session at Parkside, we continued counting our steps. Our next 100 steps took us to the playground. Our next 100 steps took us to the bikes by Parkside School. Our next 100 steps took us to the entrance of Parkside school. Finally, the last almost 100 steps took us all the way up to level 5 where we had our class photo taken. It was fun to guess where each 100 steps were going to take us.

Our starting point


One hundred steps

Two hundred steps

Three hundred steps


Four hundred steps

We then saw how far 100 building blocks would go compared to our 100 steps. We realized that 100 blocks don’t go as far because one block is smaller than one of our steps.