Another one of my favorite books is ‘Mortimer’ by Robert Munsch. It’s about a boy who doesn’t want to go to sleep. He makes lots of noise instead. Everyone tells him, “Mortimer, be quiet” but instead he sings, “Clang, Clang, rattle bing bang gonna make my noise all day.” When people go up the stairs to tell him to be quiet, they make the noise ‘thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.’ I am helping the children say the ‘th’ sound correctly by sticking out their tongue when saying ‘thump’. In the end, Mortimer waits for someone to tell him to go to sleep. But no one does. So he falls asleep on his own. Below: the children have fallen asleep like Mortimer.

A lovely first day

Wow! What a wonderful group of children I get to be with all day. We started by have some exploring time in the classroom. I also set up a play doh making area and many of the children enjoyed making play doh. We used a recipe and talked about how important it is to know how to read so we can make the play doh.

We also shared our first snack together.

I read one of my favorite stories to them called, ‘The Kissing Hand’. It’s about a little raccoon who is scared to go to school. His mom gives him a special kiss to help him feel better while he’s at school. Ask your child to tell you about it. I will send the book home in a few days, once I’ve read it to the children a few more times.

The children helped me put up our alphabet letters in the correct order. Silly me! I had a few of them mixed up. Good thing they were here to help me.

Please remember to have your child bring the yellow take home bag back to school each day. Please remember to send the “Getting to Know You” form back to school tomorrow if you haven’t already, along with the insurance information sheet sent home today.

I can’t wait to spend more time with your children tomorrow!

Parent information

Welcome to Miss Sharlene’s Kindergarten, 2018-2019

Important Information

Arrival-Students can begin to line up at the cones outside our classroom at 7:50am. Please stay with your child until Miss Karen or myself arrive. We will then lead the children into the classroom area. On rainy days, we will take the children into the classroom at 7:50am. Please have your child at school by 7:55 so learning can begin by 8:05.

Absences-If your child will be absent or is sick, please let me know as soon as possible via email.

Snack-Please send a small healthy snack with your child in a separate container from their lunch. We will usually eat snack after morning recess (9:25).

Lunch-Children start to eat lunch at 11:00am. Your child can bring lunch with them or you can leave it in their cubby by 10:45. School lunches may also be purchased and paid for directly through the Gecko Grill.

Birthdays-A child’s birthday is a very exciting event and we would like to celebrate it with you at school. Please e-mail or speak to me if you would like to have a small celebration at school. I will also try to touch bases with you a week prior to your child’s birthday. We usually have the celebration during morning snack time. (9:25) One cupcake, cookie or piece of cake is all that is needed. Please supply plates, forks, etc. if needed. No gifts or goodie bags should be handed out at school. Invitations for a home birthday party should be distributed outside of school time.

Dismissal-School ends at 3:00. Please wait outside building 5 (on the library side) if your child is being picked up. We will deliver them to you. For safety reasons, your child will NOT be dismissed until I see you or the designated adult. Bus children will be taken to the bus. Please notify me in advance if your child will go home with someone different (playdates, new ayi, etc.) or will not ride the bus. Also, please email Ms. Laurie Chen at if your child will NOT ride the bus. 

P.E. Class-Please make sure your child is wearing runners/sneakers on PE days.

Take home bags-Please check and return the take home bag everyday. Even if there is nothing inside, it is important that the children get into a routine of always taking it to school each day. If there is any paperwork that needs to be returned to school, please put it in the take home bag.

Communication of learning-I will post general class learning along with photos of activities on our KD blog. This blog is accessed within our S.I.S. website.

Each child will also have their own private ‘Seesaw’ blog post. This will be a portfolio of their learning. Both your child and I will be posting on this blog. I will send information on how to sign up once it is started. 

Contacting Teachers-For urgent matters, please contact Ms. Anna at the Mountainside Office. She will get the message to me. If you have a specific question or concern regarding your child, the best form of communication with me is email. If you have a question that pertains to the entire class, feel free to use our class WeChat group once it is started.

Ms. Anna, Mountainside Secretary

Office Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 6100 email:

Ms. Laurie,Bus Manager

Office Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext.7101 email:

Miss Sharlene, KD Teacher

Class Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 5101

*Please do not call during instructional periods*


Miss Karen, KD Teaching Assistant

Class Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 5101

*Please do not call during instructional periods*


Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019

Hi and welcome to Kindergarten in Miss Sharlene’s and Miss Karen’s classroom. We are excited to start the year with you and your child. Here’s a little information about both of us so you can get to know us a little bit before we start the school year.

Miss Sharlene,

I moved to Shekou last year, along with my husband who is the Director of Learning Innovation at SIS. This is our second year at S.I.S. We were previously teaching at the International School of Beijing for 12 years. I taught Early Childhood (4 year olds) and Kindergarten there. Both our children graduated from the International School of Beijing, have graduated from the University of British Columbia and are now working in Vancouver, Canada. Previously, we have taught in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We love to ski, sail and spend time at the lake in Canada.


Miss Karen,

I have six years of experience working with kindergarten students. I have a seven year old son. He is going to Grade 2 at a local school this year.

I play pool with my son and friends once a week and we like to ride horses in Huizhou sometimes.

Kindergarten pool party tomorrow

We appreciate your support in our Potluck Lunch, KG Parents!

However, we still have many slots still open. If you haven’t signed up, please do so at Thank you in advance for your help in making our celebration a success!

Thank you!

The KG Team

End of year party

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

     The end of the year is coming soon! We are excited to have a party to celebrate our learning, our friends and to just have some fun! This party is for our kindergarten students only.
     Children need to bring their swimming clothes in a separate bag, just as they did for swimming class.Water shoes or sandals are also encouraged on this day. We will have a picnic-style lunch after the party, so your child should bring a large towel to sit on. Please label your child’s name on everything.
     We are asking parents to donate food for our potluck lunch. Your food dish should be enough for about 8-10 students. You can send the food in the morning with your child, or bring it to the secret garden between 11:30-11:45. Please sign up here for the potluck lunch:
Kind regards,
The Kindergarten Team