The changes of a leaf

We are observing the changes of a leaf after it was picked off a tree.

Day 1

The children thought the leaf was alive, soft and green.


Day 5

The children thought the leaf was curled, green and brown, soft, dying.

                      Day 7

The children thought the leaf was dead, had no more water, hard, smelled like lemon.

Next, we will be thinking about why this happened to the leaf.

Winter Bazaar Cultural Event

Hello Parents,

We are looking for volunteers! The Winter Bazaar is approaching and we are excited to share the cultures, traditions, and holidays from our homes and we are entering the season of holiday traditions for many families at SIS.  This is the perfect opportunity to participate as Global Citizens by celebrating each other’s different customs and family traditions.

The kindergarten teachers would like to invite parents and/or parent teams to teach either a cultural aspect, activity, or holiday tradition from your home country.

Please read the attached flyer for more information and sign up details.

Here is the link to sign-up: