Summer Reading

Prevent the “summer slide” – keep your kiddo reading this summer! Visit your local library, take advantage of our school’s subscriptions to Tumblebooks and RAZ Kids (login information is available on the Parent Portal), subscribe to Epic!, or visit a bookstore near you!

One fun incentive is a “read it before you see it” challenge. There are many great children’s books that have been made into movies. Here is a link to a site that provides 50 books that have been made into movies.

Mrs. Livingston also provided this reading list, recommended by the American Library Association.

Happy Reading!

Swimming in PE

Dear Parents,

Please find enclosed the ES swimming schedule for the 3rd trimester. Please read through the new swimming schedule, and check your child’s lesson day.

Please also ensure that your child brings their swimming clothes/equipment on their designated day. Due to a fact that the swimming pool just got reopened, students will receive only 2 lessons of swimming, and as swimming is a mandatory part of our curriculum, we therefore ask that you help prepare your child with all the necessary items for each swimming lesson.

The swim lesson dates for Mr. B ’s classes are as follows:

30th May-  5c 4a 2d 3b 1d

31st May –  4c 2d 3b Kc 1d

2nd  June- 5c 4a 2b Kb 1b

6th June – 4c

7th June  2b KB 1 B

Swimming equipment

-Swimming clothes
-Dry bag
-Water bottle

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the PE Department at school or via email.

Thank you,
Pawel Barwicki

reThinking Literacy Conference

Professional learning (PL) is an important part of being a teacher, and we are fortunate that at SIS, our school values the learning of not only our students but our teachers. As such, I had the privilege of attending a literacy workshop in Singapore last weekend (May 12 – 13) and just wanted to share some of the take-aways.

We had two magnificent keynote speakers. Kristin Ziemke is a teacher, author, and consultant from Chicago (USA) and Michael Hernandez is a film and journalism teacher from Los Angeles (USA). Kristin’s message was about giving students voice, and leveraging technology to do so through assistive tech, social media, publishing to global audiences, and making thinking visible through digital tools such as backchannels and drawing apps. Michael’s message was about visual literacy and how we need to teach students to be savvy readers and thinkers when it comes to the news. His message was “fight fake with fact” – when students see a social injustice, they have the power to create a counter-message through media and social platforms.

Some things I plan to try:

– digital “stop and jots” using iPads during read-alouds (we tried this today during science)

TodaysMeet is a backchannel for digital discussions

– videos as a reflection / formative assessment tool
– video mini-lessons
– Harkness discussion tracking (I’ve already started this during literature circles using an app called Round Table)

Harkness discussion tracker








Conferences like reThinking Literacy are a great way for teachers to share ideas, get new ones, and become re-energized about our craft! I’m thankful our school values this continued professional growth!

Homework for the Final 7 Weeks

Thank you for your flexibility this year as grade three tried some new ideas with homework. As we said at the beginning of the year, we wanted homework to be meaningful, rather than just a rote task to complete, and we certainly saw some incredible demonstrations of understanding throughout the year during our homework share outs!

For the remaining 7 weeks, we’ll continue to send weekly math homework. However, instead of unit study homework (science or social studies), we’ve decided to focus on reading to really develop strong reading habits leading into the summer, and fourth grade.

On Monday (April 24th) your child will bring home a sheet explaining the Grade 3 Reading Challenge. There are 35 completely optional activities that your child may complete. The goal is to establish, or reestablish, a nightly reading routine and love of reading! This can be in English or your native language, and children may read library books, classroom books, or books from home. They could even read books from Epic! (you’ll need to request access for a home account) or Tumblebooks (Our school has a subscription. If you need login info, visit the Parent Portal.)

Here is a link to Mr. Musker’s blog, where he’s provided examples of some of the tasks:

Please let Mrs. Ruthai know if you have any questions. Thanks!