First Weeks–Who We Are

In the first four weeks, our learning has been focused on the transdisciplinary theme—Who We Are. For PreK 1&2 students, it is important that a caring and secure environment is created to ensure their connections to their community, and then they will start their learning journey! To have a better understanding of Who We Are, students recognized and shared their feelings and emotions, built their connections with the teacher, learned about their body parts and what they can do with their own body in different ways. Meanwhile, they have started to learn about their identities by getting to know where they are from.
We shared our feelings of our first day of school. Even being scared, we were brave to share our feelings with our new friends!
We showed our feelings visually with colors, by making our own feeling mask.
We built our connections by showing our own way of greeting to each other!
We learned about our body parts by making self portraits and music and movement.
We talked about who were in the family.
In collaboration with Anne about the whole year project—continents, we had a brief introduction to Australia, making connections with their identities—where they were from.
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