Back to School, Back to English!

Welcome Back to English!

The first few weeks back are always a mix of nerves and having fun for students. Many of students have used much English during their summer vacation, and so they can be a bit hesitant to begin using it again.  Thus the first week is filled with fun ways to welcome back students. We read stories, sing songs, and play games to learn about one another.

Students express themselves in a variety of ways to start the school year.

Read Alouds Help Generate Genuine Conversations Between Learners and Instructor

   Phonemic Awareness

Once we’ve settled into a groove, we begin building our English by honing in our literacy skills. Collectively the past few weeks all grades have been tackling the sounds of English in different ways. Kindergarten has started the long road of building a strong foundation of letter sounds, while grades 1 & 2 have been reviewing and practicing literacy fluency.

What Sound Did You Hear?

Grade 1 working towards independent reading in English

Letter Identification and Hand Writing Practice

Grades 3-5 have also been tacking phonemic awareness as well. They’ve been learning about the different sounds letters can make, and when they make them.  Sound exploration for these grades is important for developing stronger literacy skills, but also to strengthen pronunciation as well.

Collaboration and Competition in Grades 4&5

We’ll continue phonemic lessons throughout the year, as it helps learners of all levels. These lessons develop multiple English skills, and increase their understanding on how this difficult language works.

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