Discover the Continents– Australia Part 1

In the past two weeks, we ‘took a tour’ in Australia. We had ‘visited’ some famous landscapes and architectures such as the Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. We touched a bit on the Aboriginal Art— dot painting, as well as typical animals in Australia. We learn through songs, music and movement, reading stories, relative videos, and making art crafts.

The Aboriginal Art—Dot Painting
We recognized our own name by dot painting.
We decorated the typical animals with dots. With a cool APP for teaching, learning and creativity—Quiver, the animals came to life: they can turn around, jump, roll in a maze, etc..
Especially we learned about Kangaroo by watching a short clip and asking questions to promote our thinking, listening and English speaking skills.
Where do kangaroos live? (Australia)
What do kangaroos eat? (Bushes, grass)
How do we call a baby kangaroo? (Little joey)
Where does a little joey stay? (Pouch, pocket)
Why does a kangaroo have a long tail? (To balance)
What do little joeys should watch out for? (Eagle, dingo)
How far can a kangaroo leap? (Leap over three cars!)
We danced to the music and acted like the animals.
With the Translanguage Pedagogy, we read a story about Wombat in English after Ms. Anne read it in French. From the story, we learned that most of the time, wombats sleep and eat!
We got to know about colors and shapes by making comparisons of flags of Australia, Aborigines, France, Belgium and China.
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