Sounds, Nouns, and Adjectives

This week we continued working on segmenting words. Kindergarten took on their second group of sounds including – c, k, e, h, r, m, and d. We combined these with previously learned sounds to create short words such as cat.

Students Identified Sounds, practiced their hand writing, and found meaning in short consonant-vowel-consonant words

Meanwhile Grade one focused on the phonograms: Qu, ee, ck, and reviewed previously learned sounds to create new words.  Including Queen, Quilt, Quit, and Quick.

Grade one testing their knowledge of sounds, and building words with Qu

Grade 2 practiced blending sounds together and identifying words. This week we conducted several classroom treasure hunts, and also played some charades with single syllable words. Mainly identifying animals and classroom objects.

Grade 2 listening to segmented words and finding them around the classroom

Grade 3 categorizing nouns, and working on their spelling lists

Grades 3,4, and 5 continued blending sounds as well, but also started to focus on different parts of speech such as nouns and adjectives.  We played a variety of games to build our vocabularies,  differentiated  between  singular  and  plural  nouns,  and  learned  how  we  can modify  nouns  to  add  more  detail.

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