Discover the Continents– Australia Part 2 Continued and Halloween Week!

Since we are traveling around different continents, we each will need a suitcase! Then we made our own name tag for the suitcase, which helped recognize our names and letters.
We picked up some new vocabularies through matching games. We listened to the uttered word, looked for the word, and matched it with its initial letter.
Australian Aboriginal people have no written language of their own, and so the important stories central to the people’s culture are based on the aboriginal symbols and information in the artwork. To extend our understanding of Aboriginal Art, we got to know about some basic Aboriginal symbols.
We collaborated with the KG students to design our boomerang with the Aboriginal symbols we chose. Meanwhile, we watched a video about how to play boomerang. And we were excited to try out!

Halloween’s just hours away!

We read a story <Big Pumpkin>, in which we learned some Halloween characters, tried to utter some repetitive simple sentence, and had a better understanding of the power of collaboration.
Inspired by the story <Big Pumpkin>, we made the pumpkin-colored play dough. We had a bit taste of the ingredients: flour, salt, oil, tartar cream (without tasting tartar), water, and the orange food coloring. We counted how many cups or teaspoons to put into the pan. “Hot,” when finishing making it, we touched and felt it.
We chanted the rhyming song ‘5 little Pumpkins’, made paper pumpkins, and counted how many loops we put together!
We shared another Halloween character’s story ’Skeleton Hiccups’. We were amused when hiccuping like the skeleton, « hic, hic, hic…..”
We danced like a skeleton.
We put our pieces of works together to create a Halloween scene.
Are you ready for some Halloween fun?
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