8 thoughts on “Bianca | 4A

  1. I really liked how you described the setting and characters. You described what was going on very clearly.

  2. Bianca you did super good! you described everything super clear GREAT JOB!


  3. Good job! You gave me a brief history of the South and North Korea. Love your historical fiction. It is also kinda funny

  4. Hi Bianca, I love your story 🙂 As another Korean fully aware of our history, I really love how this story gives an insight to what type of sentiment Korea had back then. Your imageries and descriptive words adds realism to your story. Nice job!
    -Sunny K. 10B

  5. Bianca,

    You used such great figurative language it made me feel like I was right there with Arianna. Thank you for your informative story, I learned more about the war and migration. I am wondering what is next for Arianna and her family, I hope you consider writing a sequel.

    Keep up the great work,
    Mrs. K

  6. I love your story Bianca! I loved that how your story is really detailed 🙂 Thank you for sharing this great story!

    -Kate 48

  7. I love your story, Bianca! As a Korean i was more emotional listening to your podcast. Keep up your work!
    -Kay 5a

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